Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Printmaking Class at Plymouth State University

Work tacked up for presentation at "Art Camp" - Plymouth printmaking class.

Cabbage leaf printed with acrylic. One of many leaves I printed from the vegetable garden. This became the inspiration for several wall hanging designs.
"Home Sweet Home" printed with multiple foam plates and some of my carved rubber stamps. Over 20 stamps in this design! Used a nifty technique I learned to neatly hem the upper border in a curve!

A beautiful batik piece I created with soy wax and one of the hand prints we experimented with in class. I got on a roll with "hands" as a theme in numerous other pieces. This one ended up with the original foam plate carefully stitched to this background and framed with other hand-dyed cloth.

 Printmaking class soon became known as "Art Camp" which was how it felt working with others daily on experimentation in printmaking techniques. Several of these pieces have since been completed and can be found on my "Wall Hangings" page.