Thursday, August 22, 2013

The ice leaves such pretty patterns!

These will be on the bed real soon. Sweet dreams!

Here are my king-sized sheets just loosely wadded up in the bottom of the bucket. They are soaking in a soda ash solution which will react with the dye.

I rung out the cloth, dumped out the extra soda ash solution (put in a separate bucket as it can be used again)  then started wadding up the cloth back into the bucket. I laid in about half the first sheet then covered with a layer of ice cubes. Over the ice I sprinkled different shades of blue dye powder. Then I layered in the rest of the sheet and repeated the ice and dye process. Over this first sheet I did the same process with the second sheet. As the ice melts it lets the dye powder interact with the cloth. Then I just walked away and left it for 24 hours!

Stay tuned, the sheets are rinsing in the washing machine to wash out any remaining dye. They will go through several cycles, different temperatures, and all with a special detergent.