Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This my latest brainstorm.
 Trying to come up with an idea for next year's Christmas craft season. Thinking back on those cloth calendars that many of us had hanging in our homes growing up. This is my take on that idea. Mine are started with toweling cloth yardage. I then hem them to the size I want and then dye the cloth. Next step is to stamp designs using my own hand carved stamps and a bleach discharge solution. The fun part of this is you never know what color the cloth will go to when you use the bleach solution!
Lastly I print out a calendar on fabric just using my ink jet printer and a specially treated cloth. I then frame that with a decorative cotton fabric, tac it on with some colorful embroidery thread and, voila, you have a pretty calendar. THEN when the year is over, you clip the embroidery thread, remove the dowel and you have a dish towel!
Trying to post pictures but the one i have from my ipad is too big i think. Will take some pics with my camera.

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