Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What I work on every evening while watching the news, Chronicle and Jeopardy (except for when I'm messing around with this blog!)
Strips of batiks, solid dyed fabric to
 border, bleach discharge circle print

Bleach discharge hand-carved
stamp image
Putting it all together!
It was supposed to be a front and seat cushion for a rocking chair but it kept growing! Now it is a warm throw with some fun sewing and bleach discharge designs. It's backed with a cozy cream colored fleece! It sure is warm when in my lap while sewing!


  1. Really intrigued by the bleach discharge designs. How is that done? The stamp appears to be a layer floating on the cloth surface.

    1. I use my hand carved stamp and dab Clorox Bleach Stick on it with a sponge brush. There does not seem to be enough bleach in it to really damage the fabric. It just dries as you are working. Then I rinse and wash in warm water. This is the same technique I used on the calendars. On commercial fabric you never know what colors in a cloth will react and which ones won't!