Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tan T-shirt with light brown line print. I added center piece and large yellow stamp and brown stamp! Worn today with a brown skirt, looked great!


 Did this dress a few years ago and didn't like how it fit so never finished. Well, added some darts on the bodice to give it a nicer shape, hemmed and then wore it to school this past week! Originally a long, white, sleeveless linen dress. Shortened, then drew all the white lines that you see with Elmers Blue gel glue. Then painted inside all the white lines that acted like a resist. Then ironed to heat set and then washed out all the glue! Front and back are totally painted!

 Beginnings of another t-shirt. Cut a v neckline, printed layers of 2 different stamps, now working on trim for neckline, sleeve edges and bottom hemline. Those areas will be done with the printed red cloth shown below.
Close-up. Can see line pattern on shirt.

Hand printed red batik cloth for edging.

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