Sunday, May 26, 2013

The inspiration of todays work in the studio, after about an hour of looking through all my flower files!
The enlarged photo abstraction, carved block in upper right corner and black line print from block. This print is on paper. Block is  8" x 8" as is the photo. Photo is an ink jet print on cloth in hopes of putting all of this together eventually in a wall hanging.
Close up of line print. I really like how this came out. Would like to even simplify this to just the inner part. (Another day!)

Block and print on paper.

Two color prints on paper. One side of block is large areas of color, other side is just the lines. Magenta and tie dye backgrounds with black lines are both cloth. I was printing on everything I could lay my hands on! So much fun!

Two color print on paper. This one could be framed! That's enough for one day! I sure do love printmaking!

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